Our Story

At Bella Kiddy, our mission is to care for growing families around the world by creating products that embrace the first years of childhood! Every mom knows how expensive it is to raise a child in today’s world. It was important that Bella Kiddy could provide all moms with high-quality baby products at affordable prices!

Our designs are carefully crafted and made only with the highest quality materials.  We want to make every baby comfortable, and the lives of all mom’s easier. All moms, One Brand.

Hi, I am so grateful you decided to visit my store! I’m sure you’re wondering who am I, or what my story is, right? First and foremost, I am a mom just like you! Bella Kiddy was developed from my personal experience as a mom.  I am an Army wife to an amazing husband who serves this country proudly and a stay at home mompreneur. Together, we have a beautiful daughter. During my first pregnancy, shopping was super challenging. Every mom knows having a kid is very expensive and in the early years, they are continually growing. So, shopping can become very expensive, very quickly. I constantly searched for affordable products with high quality, but selections at times were limited. There are so many opportunities I’ve accomplished as an entrepreneur already, so as a mother, it became a no brainer for me to turn my experience into a mommy brand. I just knew without a doubt that there had to be a million other moms who were in the same boat as me! My mission became very clear on what I wanted Bella Kiddy to be. Having experienced it myself, I wanted to make sure I could provide everyday moms, all over the world, with the opportunity to shop for high-quality materials at prices that were affordable for them. This understanding led me to bring forth a solution to assist all moms with one brand. This brand is very personal to me, and it is continuously growing to make every Bella Kiddy fashionable, comfortable, and all mom’s lives easier! Thank you for trusting Bella Kiddy to do just that.
Valdashia Kelly