"As my daughter got older, I started to realize my diaper bag became more of a hassle than helpful. As a result, I started looking for something more convenient".

Backpacks became one of my number one picks just because of the convenience they offered. I searched different companies for backpacks, but I ran into either overpriced bags with no organization options, designs that were not useful for moms, or cheaper bags that lacked everything from organization to style! Eventually, I ended up settling for a more inexpensive bag. I used it for a while. Because it was cheaply made, it became super unorganized. Every time I needed something, if it was at the bottom of the bag, the struggle was very real trying to get to it without rearranging everything. Although it gave me the opportunity to have my hands free, it was very inconvenient. Not to mention the bag didn’t complement anything I wore. It had no style whatsoever, as if it’s not already tough having a new baby and dealing with the imperfections that come with that. When we have children, we experience huge transitions mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Every mom goes through that phase of still trying to be yourself, and sometimes a baby can cloud that. I just knew without a doubt that there had to be a million other moms who were in the same boat as me! I’m an entrepreneur, so a light bulb immediately went off in my head, there had to be a solution to this baby bag madness. The best thing to do was to design my own bag. I did a lot of research, and after finding a trusted supplier, I begin planning my diaper backpack. Of course, it would be easy to just put my name on a product, but from my own experience, I knew it had to be something more. I needed a bag that would fix some of the real problems I know all mothers were having. My first prototype was exciting, but it needed more. After some more time and research, I created the bag I had been searching for.

The Bella Kiddy Diaper Backpack was born. Bella Kiddy’s diaper bags will be manufactured at a globally known, reputable manufacturer using only the highest quality materials. This product goes far beyond just being a sale. This bag is a solution to all mom’s problems when it comes to convenient and stylish diaper bags.

I mean who doesn’t like carrying a beautiful bag? That shouldn’t change when you become a mom. Say goodbye to traditional diaper bags with horrible prints, flabby pockets, and NO style! We all have our moments, but you do not have to lose yourself when you have a baby. You can still be stylish and a mom!

I want to give ALL moms the opportunity to carry a useful diaper bag while still maintaining style! Every mom should be able to carry a diaper backpack that stores everything they need and offers them hands-free convenience when they're on the go. The Bella Kiddy Diaper Backpack will effectively take you through all stages of being a mom! I am beyond excited to have come this far and to be able to say from my personal experience, I was able to design a diaper backpack that I enjoy using and offer this solution to all moms! I have put so much hard work into creating this diaper backpack, and I’m thrilled to share it with moms across the globe! The Bella Kiddy Diaper Backpack will be available for pre-order on our website tomorrow at 9 am Est! They will be shipped out in November, but you can secure yours at the pre-sale price on our website starting tomorrow at 9am! The first 50 moms who place an order, will receive a free diaper bag accessory!